Chronic Pain Physical Therapy

What is Chronic Pain Physical Therapy?

Chronic Pain Physical Therapy differs from regular Physical Therapy because the focus is on management of pain rather than pain elimination. When a person sustains an injury, they typically see a doctor, and when appropriate attend Physical Therapy. The majority of the conditions get better, but some linger indefinitely.

For those whose pain lingers, they exist with with a mixture of pain, stress, and momentary periods of exceptional pain called flare-ups. As time goes on, frustration increases because they can’t exercise without creating more flare-up pain. All of these factors contribute to the suffering most people feel. In addition to this are the natural emotional responses of worry about the future along with feelings of hopelessness.

How can Good Works help?

Breaking this cycle means addressing the flare-up first. Most people who experience flare-ups say, “exercising hurts or causes it to get worse”. This is due to the over-reaction of your body’s response to pain. With chronic pain Physical Therapy the goal becomes clear: Roll back the exercise and just practice small gentle movements until the flare-ups are managed or controlled. Only then can we add other exercises designed to improve strength.

How long will it take to break the cycle?

Most people see a change within 3 weeks. Initially using gentle techniques of light movements, combined with the relaxation taught from the psychophysiology, you can learn to reduce the intensity of the flare-up. Further, with practice of the gentle movement patterns the flare ups don’t last as long. Finally, consistent practice reduces the frequency of the flare ups. When that happens, all the emotional aspects of the flare-ups begin to lose intensity.

It doesn’t matter if it is your low back, your neck, or arms and legs. If you can learn and practice light, gentle movements that help the condition, you are more likely to continue them. Come learn what you need to do to be successful.