More on Biofeedback and Psychophysiology

Helpful Information including more descriptions of biofeedback and the conditions treated can be found through these links from the American Association of Biofeedback:

Basic Descriptions

Does research prove biofeedback is effective?

What is Heart Rate Variability and Coherence?

Some people are just good at what they do. The people at are good at collecting data on the research of coherence. Coherence literally means two waves that are in sync with one another, thus conserving energy. The premise is if you can develop the skill of heart rate variability and a respiratory rhythm, your physiology will be in sync. This leads to multiple health benefits. I applaud Heartmath’s effort to organize good literature to support this and encourage you to read various articles here:

HeartMath Institute (HMI) – Heart-brain communication

More on Chronic Pain

These two videos are some of the best I have ever seen to summarize how pain starts with an injury, but then becomes a nervous system pattern. Thus, treating chronic pain must involve reducing the sensitivity of the nervous system. It’s not all in your head! It’s real! Check them out:

At Good Works Psychophysiology, I explain the details of your condition. Once you understand how this developed then you begin to understand how it is maintained in a cycle. You learn how the pain and other symptoms are specific adaptions that can be reduced by decreasing the fear of more damage, and gradual retraining of movement.

More on Bowen Therapy

Here’s a nice little video emphasizing that Bowen is a simple technique designed to bring balance back to the nervous system:

You can discover more information at the American Bowen Academy: